How Can I Attend?

If you are interested in attending Keystone, please contact your applicable representative:

US Army:  SGM Kerry Dyer
Sergeant Major of the Army’s Office-SMMO
Commercial: 703-545-6860

US Marine Corps:  MGySgt Andrew Hampton
Marine Corps University
Commercial: 703-432-5542
DSN: 278-5542

US Navy:  FORCM Jon Port
Naval Education and Training Command
Office: 850-452-4024
DSN: 922-4024

US Air Force:  SMSgt Farrell D. Thomas
Sp. Assistant to the CMSAF
Office:  (703) 695-6327
DSN: 225-6327

US Coast Guard:  YNCM Bobbie Sisto
MCPO-CG’s Office
Commercial: 202-372-4431