Non Attribution Policy

Presentations by guest speakers, seminar leaders and panelists, including renowned public officials and scholars, constitute an important part of the curricula of the National Defense University. To allow the guests (as well as faculty and other University officials) the latitude to speak candidly, the University offers its assurance that their presentations will be held in strict confidence. This assurance derives from a policy of non attribution which is morally binding on all who attend. Without the expressed permission of the speaker, nothing he or she says will be attributed to him or her directly or indirectly in the presence of anyone who was not authorized to attend the presentation. This policy is not to inhibit students and faculty within the academic environment from discussing the opinions and views expressed by speakers. However, the non attribution policy precludes citing the views and opinions of one guest (even if he is not identified by name) when questioning subsequent speakers. It also precludes individuals from taping lectures.

Excusal Policy

All requests for excusal will be directed to the Capstone Senior Director for approval. As a matter of routine, excusals are not authorized.

Security Clearance Policy

All Fellows and Senior Fellows participating in Keystone must have a secret clearance. Although much of the course’s written material and discussion will be of an unclassified nature, there will be frequent occasions when discussion will involve sensitive areas. All are reminded of their responsibility to properly safeguard classified material and not to discuss classified information in other than appropriately cleared facilities.

Building Security Policy

All entrances to university buildings are equipped with electronic security devices and are monitored by closed circuit television.

Smoking Policy

As stipulated in DOD Instruction 6015.8, 18 August 1977, smoking will not be allowed in classroom sessions in Washington nor during field visits.