Orders and Vouchers

  1. Use the Defense Travel System (DTS): DTS must be used for all orders and vouchers. You will be provided an itinerary 2 weeks before the start of your course; DTS orders will not be approved without a complete itinerary. One DTS order will cover the entire Keystone course, simply add unit funding data for expenses not paid by NDU (see table below).

  2. Airline tickets: Transportation to and from Washington, DC should be done via DTS. To help save funds, please book round trip tickets, with flights departing DC on the final class day after 1700.  All other transportation within the course (travel to Suffolk, GTMO, El Paso, Omaha, etc.) is coordinated by Keystone via military air. In DTS, indicate transportation mode as OTHER with 0800 departures for this travel.

  3. Lodging: Keystone will coordinate all lodging. Lodging should be $0 on all orders/vouchers as it is paid for as a group with a corporate billing account.

  4. Orders and Vouchers: Keystone will provide Cross Organization (CrossOrg) funding 2 weeks before your course start date. Cross Org LOA will be 14 KEYSTONE TVL. Fund Cites are not provided.

Expenses Covered by NDU

  • all lodging

  • all per diem

  • airline tickets to and from Washington DC Airline tickets must be purchased using a individual travel credit card or unit CBA for reimbursement. All travel within the course is coordinated by NDU.  NDU does not reimburse airline tickets from Norfolk to DC due to excessive cost.  NDU will reimburse two one way rental cars in lieu of an airline ticket from the Norfolk area.  NDU reqeusts that Fellows coming from the Fort Bragg/Camp Lejeune/Cherry Point area consider driving or renting a car to save on expensive airline costs.

  • ATM fees

  • taxi fees to and from airports only

  • baggage tips (provided at the end of each trip)

  • laundry (not to exceed $2 per day CONUS only)

Expenses Covered by Fellow’s Unit/Service

  • excess baggage

  • phone calls

  • internet usage fees

  • home airport parking

Out of town Fellows:   One order and voucher should be completed encompassing the entire course dates.

Local Fellows:   One order and voucher should be completed that include the travel dates only.