Uniform Requirements

Washington Area (days 1, 2, 3 and 12 of schedule)

Army: Class B (SS/LS white/green shirt with black/green trousers/skirt, tie as appropriate)
Air Force: Class B (SS/LS blue shirt with blue trousers/skirt, tie as appropriate)
Navy: Khakis
Marine Corps: Service B or C, as appropriate (SS/LS khaki shirt with green trousers/skirt)
Coast Guard: Tropical Blue or Winter Dress Blue
Civilian: Coat and Tie

CONUS Travel (days 4-11 of schedule)

  • The appropriate uniform for CONUS travel will be BDU’s, ACU’s, ODUs, NWU, flight suits, or khakis.
  • Any social functions during this trip will be in uniform of the day or civilian casual clothing.